"With an unstoppable powerhouse vocal reminiscent of Martina McBride, Kathryn Taylor is well on her way to becoming a household name. The industry won't be able to pass her by. She's stopped chatty crowds in their tracks and held her own in a round next to grammy nominated hit songwriters. Her emotion pours through each lyric and she handles the most challenging of melodies with ease. Kathryn is my first choice when looking for a singer to record lead or harmony vocals for studio demos. Kat Taylor's big break is not a matter of "IF" it's a matter of "WHEN" - Hope Cassity - Nashville Music Exchange

Kat's debut single, "Shame on You" peaked at #49 on the Music Row charts. Kat's current single that she wrote the lyrics and music to, "Close to Home," just released on June 8, 2018. "Close to Home" is available on all digital outlets and radio stations across the world. Please call your favorite station to request "Close to Home" by Kat Taylor!

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